Our Services

At Celebrations International Travel Marketing, it is our mission to help small business operators gain visibility and market share amongst U.S. travel advisors.  Small businesses are at the heart of the hospitality, travel, and tourism industry.  Without them, travelers’ experiences around the world would be significantly different, if not impossible.  These small businesses don’t have the large marketing budgets of their larger-scale counterparts, and that’s where our services come in. We are proud to serve the needs of our travel industry colleagues and look forward to working with our member companies to promote their businesses.

Celebrating Entrepreneurs in Travel

Similar to how tour operators customize travel itineraries, we customize marketing and promotional solutions for our member companies based on their individual needs.

Our marketing representation services for travel suppliers include:

  • Developing customized marketing solutions
  • Creating marketing and promotional materials
  • Distributing promotional information and materials to travel agents
  • Identifying and securing marketing and promotional opportunities for client companies
  • Creating, organizing and promoting in-person and virtual events for member companies to interact with travel agents and keep them engaged in dialogue
  • Designing multi-faceted, targeted marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Representing member companies at trade shows and other industry events
  • Securing speaking opportunities and sponsorships for member companies
  • Providing U.S.-based operational support for member companies
  • Providing consultative advice on doing business with U.S. travel advisors

Our Innovative Approach

  • We believe in a grassroots approach to marketing, focusing on networking and connecting with people.


  • Using a mix of traditional and guerrilla marketing principles and techniques, we work tirelessly to find and execute marketing and promotional opportunities for our member companies.


  • If we can’t find the precise opportunity or solution that a member company needs, we create it for them!

We are looking for small business owners in the travel industry to join and work with us! 

If you’d like to learn more about our marketing representation services for your travel-related business, please email info@celebrationstravelmarketing.com or call (480) 272-6020.